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The Fed Can't Make Up Its Mind.
But you can.

VIX has surged 50% in recent days. Choose to embrace volatility brought on by flip-flopping bureaucrats with a powerful Option Pit combo.

Uncertainty breeds volatility.

And there's plenty to go around ...
  • The Fed can't decide whether to taper now or taper later or, you know, just keep the money hose on forever.
  • The Delta variant continues to cast a shadow over a recovering economy -- and it's making consumers very nervous.
  • Supply chain issues rage on, causing producers headaches -- but driving prices paid to them ever higher.
All that waffling and wondering saw the VIX surge well into the 20s week -- that brings a slew of new trading opportunities.  

And Volatility Edge is the best way for you to seize the advantage.

My highest-conviction trading service reveals how I trade volatility to make money -- and how you can be positioned to, as well.

Vol Edge also delivers daily access to my Proprietary Option Pit VIX Traffic Light, plus my veteran, pro-level commentary that lets you know exactly what I’m seeing and how I'm using it to my advantage through my Volatility Edge Trading System.

And through Monday, Aug. 23, it's available in a special Quarterly+ 4-month block.

Griff's Picks

But there is EVEN MORE potential here thanks to the Fed and the US Government -- which just so happens to be the biggest money-mover in history.

That's why Option Pit Head Income Hunter Bill Griffo is putting together a brand-new 5-pack of macro Griff's Picks.

His five-week trading program delivers exclusive weekly plays you won't get anywhere else -- along with trade plans and live sessions -- through all of September!

When You Join TODAY, You’ll Receive …

  • Four months of FULL Volatility Edge Access -- Our Highest-Conviction Trading Service
  • ​DAILY Option Pit VIX Light Updates and Pro-Level Commentary
  • EXCLUSIVE: 5 Weeks of Macro Picks from Option Pit Head Income Trader Bill Griffo 
  • Access to CUSTOM volatility courses, created just for Volatility Edge members
  • ​​Admission to Mark’s LIVE weekly broadcast each Monday (or a video recording if you can’t make it!)'
  • ​AND MORE!!!
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 Access to Option Pit's Proprietary                       Volatility Edge System (Retail $2,221)
 Daily Access to my Volatility Traffic                   Light (Retail $833)
 Trade Alerts Via Email + Text Message
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 Access to Volatility Trader-U
    My Special Curriculum with 12 hours of            Training and Volatility Mastery 
    (Retail $833)


 #GRIFF 1 : 5 weekly macro Griff's Picks -- with trade plans. One pick per week delivered in Sept.! (Retail $499 -- FREE!)
 #GRIFF 2 : Griff's new Minor Trades ... Major Profits report that get you ready to trade precious metals (Retail $297 -- FREE!)
ONLY $399 for 4 months!
Renews every four months.
You will make your money back very fast with this."
— Michael G*
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