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Permanently Change The Way You Trade Options with our brand new INTERACTIVE TRADING SHEETS

The Software That Makes Great Trading Possible

Dear Option Pit Top 100,

We've surveyed the market.

So many gurus out there say they have the answers to... "what stock should I watch right now" ... "what three tickers are going to move today" ... "what's the best way to trade" ... and some of them do.

But you know what none of them answer? 

          What's the best way to execute a trade for profit?

          How to I place the cheapest trade possible with the most upside and lowest downside?

          What's the optimal options trade to profit BEFORE my options trade expiration date?

Our proprietary software - called "Edge Hunter" - answers all these... and more.

We recognized a need for the service we provide to rise to the next level. 

That level is Edge Hunter. 

These interactive trading outputs are all linked to proprietary algorithms that serve a purpose... to make your trading tighter. To make it better, to make it more profitable.

They're broken out into four pillars that are the foundation of successful volatility trading.

And before you read what all is included, know this.

We only offer this access to our Top 100 Option Pit clients.

Unless you've reached this level, these aren't even an option.

Edge Hunter falls into Four Categories of Options Mastery.

          #1 Mastering Realized Volatility
                -Get the most "bang for your buck" by finding the perfect options contract 
                -Compared to the current market... are options cheap? are they expensive?
                -Output shows you the cheapest options to buy, or the most expensive options to sell
                -Maximizes your return

          #2 Mastering Forward Volatility
                -Ever gotten paid for simply buying options? Now... you can!
                -These sheets track the disconnect between month-to-month options pricing 
                -Shows you how to buy time for free, or even get paid for buying time!

          #3 Mastering Skew
                -Spot gaps between option prices and market reality
                TRANSLATION: get paid for buying options that aren't actually as expensive as they say

          #4 Mastering The VIX Futures Curve
                -Track contango and backwardation curves in VIX futures to spot overpriced volatility
                TRANSLATION: Get paid for buying options in VXX, VIX or UVXY

Soon, we plan to open up the opportunity to join Edge Hunter to the entire Option Pit family.

This software is too groundbreaking to keep to ourselves.

We expect to charge at least 2X for the rest of the Option Pit family for the same access.

I'd tell you to keep that on the down-low... but the reality is that you are one of our Top 100 Customers.

And it's time we recognize that in a tangible way.

By offering you access to our most advanced options and volatility trading software... so you can master these techniques + use them to make even more money in your trading.

Take this offer seriously.

We do - and that's why it won't be on the internet for long.

Review everything that's included below, and if you have ANY questions, call our support team at (888) 782-3301.

To Your Successful Trading,

Andrew Giovinazzi

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Here's What You'll Get:
  • Access To All 10 Edge Hunter Software Sheets, each with their own trading algorithms (Value = $2997)
  • Proprietary Access to options data from the CBOE ($250 value, and we cover the first month for you!)
  • 30+ Hour Video Archive of Edge Hunter implementation trading sessions ($297)
  • 4 Part "Getting Started" Video Series on how to use the Edge Hunter sheets immediately
  • ​Access to Member Only Live Sessions with full Q&A with Head of Options Education at Option Pit, Andrew "AG" Giovinazzi 
"This Edge Hunter excel is great! Saves a HUGE amount of time! Really powerful."

- Giovanni A
"I'm not going to lie... the instructions intimidated me a bit. Fortunately the sheets just worked when I opened them up! Haha"

- Evan S

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