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The Game Changes For 
Everyone On JUNE 28

On Monday June 28th, new gold regulations out of Europe will trigger huge consequences felt worldwide.

The new “gold standards” will force $40 BILLION gold derivatives positions to unravel.

And this means two things in the near term:

             1. The price of gold is likely to explode.
             2. Volatility is likely to spike.

This is moment China has been waiting for.

For years, China has secretly been hoarding physical gold -- and when the price spikes, they'll be in prime position to launch a new gold-backed DIGITAL currency ... and make the now-gold-backed Yuan the new world reserve currency.

Obviously, this would have DEADLY consequences for the U.S. Dollar (-50% in a single year!).

You know what that means?

Turbulence ahead!

While we can’t be entirely sure what is coming, we CAN be sure we’re ahead of the crowds.

Take a look at these recent global financial crises … volatility SPIKED!

            - The Euro Crisis …
            - The Yuan Crisis …
            - The VIX Futures Squeeze …
            - The 3% Yield Squeeze …
            - And of course, COVID …

Chart courtesy of StockCharts

All of these events resulted in HUGE moves in volatility!

Those who anticipated this -- and knew how to position themselves for a profit -- could have made off with a fortune!

Today we find ourselves in a similar position … 

We are just DAYS AWAY from the next volatility spike -- thanks to rule changes being enacted on June 28th.

Just as volatility presented a unique opportunity for investors, we’re seeing the same kind of opportunity NOW.

And Volatility Edge is the best way for you to seize the advantage!

Our highest-conviction trading service gets you DAILY ACCESS to our Proprietary Option Pit VIX Traffic Light, plus Pro-level commentary to tell you exactly what I’m seeing, and how I’m using volatility to make money in.

In the last month alone, I've snagged …

     +152% on VIX
     +63% on UVXY
     +61% on VIX
     +50% on VXX
     And MUCH more!

All through my Volatility Edge Trading System.

Now we're on the brink of another vol spike ...

And by getting in now, you’re locking in the BEST quarterly price, just in time for the game-changing June 28 event!
But there is EVEN MORE potential here!

Because the price of gold is poised to skyrocket, macro trade opportunities abound!

Miners, precious metals, and more are set to offer INCREDIBLE returns and value in the weeks ahead.

Now is the time to make your macro moves ...

That's why Option Pit Head Income Hunter has put together Griff's Picks -- a 5-week macro play program in that delivers weekly plays -- along with trade plans -- through all of July!

With Griff's Picks, you'll receive FIVE trades in the weeks ahead, all primed to help you take advantage of these incredible macro events.

Griff will be releasing his trades on:

         Thursday, July 1, 2021
         Thursday, July 8, 2021
         Thursday, July 15, 2021
         Thursday, July 22, 2021
         Thursday, July 29, 2021

You won't want to miss a single one!

When You Join TODAY, You’ll Receive …

  • 90 Day of FULL Volatility Edge Access
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  • Access to CUSTOM volatility courses, created just for Volatility Edge members
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