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The Fed Won't Commit To Action.

The Market Is Changing Rapidly, & The Fed Is Already Behind The Curve.
Trade The Real Story With Power Income Trader.

Bill Griffo's POWER INCOME TRADER System Created the Best Track Record at Option Pit -- Now Put It to Work for You

According to Jerome Powell, the Federal Reserve will need to be “nimble” to navigate economic risks right now ...

As they attempt to reach their unspecified "maximum employment and price stability goals."

But the Federal Reserve has never been able to keep up with quick-changing financial markets …

And after listening to Jerome Powell’s latest speech, it’s obvious that they’re still a beat behind.

This is bad news for the economy ...

But presents HUGE opportunities for those that know how to trade it.

Just ask Option Pit's Head Income Trader Bill Griffo, who has been sounding the alarm for MONTHS about the Fed's huge mistakes ...

The FOMC's lip-service to tightening measures took markets on a ride …

But the wishy-washy language promising action “someday” leaves plenty of room to roll back on their word … and keep the money printer running.

Right now, the Warren Buffet Stock Valuation Indicator is warning us that stocks are EXTREMELY overvalued …

In fact, it looks concerningly similar to the years leading into the 2000’s dot-com bubble burst.
Yet the Fed fails to commit to meaningful action …

They don’t realize where the greatest risks truly lie …

But for traders like you and I?

It’s a blessing.

Because by knowing how Fed policy truly works from the inside …

We can set ourselves up for MASSIVE profits.

That's why you need someone on your side who can stay one step ahead of the Fed, US Treasury and US government as they churn out historic money flows.

That someone is Bill Griffo, the architect of POWER INCOME TRADER.

Over the past year, Griff has quietly built the best track record at Option Pit using his proven, four-step method to beat the inflation time again ...

Just like he did when he grossed $60 million in one year on the bond desk at Bear Stearns.

Only now he's helping traders like you crank out profits today.

Take a look past few months ...
This Is Your Chance To Profit From His 4-Step System That ...
  • Identifies Fed & US Government Policy 
  • ​Dictates Ideal Sector Strategy
  • ​Selects Stocks & Trades
  • ​Manages Risk & Stacks Profits

And the profits speak for themselves.

Act now to put Griff's POWER INCOME TRADER system to work for you and receive ...
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 Power Income Trader Watchlist Update WEEKLY ($1,999 value)
 LIVE Access to Griff's weekly Macro Monday event. He breakdowns the macro market drivers and Fed-driven profit flows, and answers all your questions ($3,999 value)
 LIVE and recorded trade risk management sessions ($4,999 value)
 BONUS 1 : Trading Bond ETFs to Beat the Banks & Inflation (e-book) ($399 value)
 BONUS 2 : How to Crush It During the 2022 Energy Crisis (e-book) ($399 value)
TOTAL VALUE: $25,300
*Annual and quarterly will renew at the discounted rate.
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