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Follow the money and prepare to strike with precision options plays in Option Pit's BIG MONEY FLOW

Now available as a monthly membership for a limited time

Hey Trader,

Big Money bullies move markets with massive trades -- and now I have a way for YOU to profit off these behemoth bets.

It's called Big Money Flow and I'm using it put profits in pockets by tracking high-volume trades and picking up the gains that the big boys are too lazy to care about.

Since late September, I've locked in winners like ...
  • 125% in RDS.A
  • ​49% in IGT
  • 125% in F
  • 88% in OPEN
  • 71% in FE
  • 108% in UBER
  • 56% in AAL
I was able to do this using a simple four-step program that's profitable AND repeatable. 

Since launching, Big Money Flow has a 70% win-rate!
So, what is the powerful secret that is letting me profit and powering my new BIG MONEY FLOW?

I won't keep you in suspense.

Here it is ...
Sometimes Big, Smart Money makes DUMB Trades!
And it's not that they make bad choices ... it's that they just don't care.

You see, Big Money is the rich kid who was born on third and thinks he hit a triple.

Those guys  can just get away with more.

They don't care about $5,000, $10,000 or even $50,000 profits in a day -- but as a retail trader I'm certain that you do.

And that's the kind of profits that big money leaves lying around for you to pick up -- if you know where to look.
Hunting Down Smarter Smart Money Trades
Big Money focuses on STOCKS … which means they don’t always make the best options trades.

Here at Option Pit, we’re options specialists – with over 120 years of combined experience. We’ve worked as market makers, desk traders, managing directors and  hedge fund managers.

When we find the Big Money trade, we decipher the it, and see where we could do better … and where they left thousands in profits sitting on the table!

It’s all part of my Big Money Flow trading process:
  • Indicator 1: The Trade - Our scanner enables us to spot unusual volume and exceptional trades
  • Indicator 2: Confirmation - Spotting the trade simply isn’t enough. We need to confirm what it was, and what it’s telling us.
  • Indicator 3: Authentication - We always do a deep dive to get the full story. Why did they make the trade?
  • ​Indicator 4: Optimization - We break down the trade, analyze it, and figure out how we can do it better! ... And that's led to gains of 71%, 75%, 106% and even 125% in just two months.
How BIG MONEY FLOW Will Help You Profit:
Big Money Trades: I'll deliver my top trades based on big money flow, usually 1-2 per week. These are the kinds of trades that delivered +108%, +71%, +88% and even +125% in just two months.
Live Trading Sessions: Get access to me and my top trades during live sessions twice each week during the all-new Big Money Flow Show.
My Daily Top 5: You'll receive my Top 5 Big Money Flow names, along with trade discussion, each weekday.
Don’t miss another Smart Money winner – get in on Big Money Flow today!
Your Only Option,

Mark Sebastian
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