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It's 2022!
The Market Is At A Historic Crossroads ....
In VOLATILITY EDGE  Mark Sebastian Shows You How to Profit Whether The VIX Explodes Or Crumbles

Position Yourself For Gains No Matter Which Way The Market Moves.

Uncertainty breeds volatility -- and opportunity -- and right now, there is plenty of both.

Better yet, Mark Sebastian can help you profit whether the market goes up OR down.

Here are just a few ticking time bombs that could produce explosive results ...
  • The Federal Reserve's rate-hike threats has investors spooked ... big time.
  • ​International conflict is shaking markets and spooking investors.
  • ​They are 8 Fed meetings in the months ahead ... when will they make their move?
  • ​High-growth stocks could get pummeled by higher interest rates.
  • ​The jarring Producer Price Index (PPI) numbers signal inflation is going to get WORSE ... 
  • ​Omicron pushed "reopening" efforts out even further ...
  • ​Supply chain issues rage on, as consumer prices soar.
  • ​Will Congress remain in a gridlock ... or will one side win out before the 2022 midterms?
  • ​A "risk off" attitude could sink some of the biggest names in the market ... and take everyone else down with them.
Explosive volatility ruled 2021 ... and 2022 isn't looking much different.
Those who know how to position themselves for profit stand to be handsomely rewarded.

And Mark Sebastian certainly falls into that category.

As a former CBOE trader and market maker, he's been one of the LEADING minds of volatility for the past two decades ...

He's heralded by Jim Cramer himself as his "vol guy" ...

He witnessed the very BIRTH of the VIX in-person ...

And whether this volatility spike continues ...

Or we're about to see vol drop like a rock ...

Mark can show YOU how to profit from it in Volatility Edge.

Here's a real-time example ... 

If the VIX drops in the days ahead, Mark is ready to go back to a little-regarded ETF that he's used as a personal ATM in 2021 … and he's bringing subscribers with him.
Mark has collected profits of 35%, 42%, 62%, 63% and more by trading just this one ETF.

But if the VIX pops, Mark is poised to swing around to a proven strategy that could easily produce 100% gains -- and potentially much, much more.
The next few weeks will be CRITICAL as we watch to see if the Congressional gridlock will ever clear up, if supply chains will ever resume their normal clip, and if weighed-down tech stocks will be a drag to the entire market ...
That’s why Mark is offering a rare quarterly subscription to the Option Pit Volatility Edge program -- and you can receive your first quarter for just $399!

Our highest-conviction trading service gets you DAILY ACCESS to our Proprietary Option Pit VIX Traffic Light, plus Pro-level commentary to tell you exactly what Mark's seeing, and how he's using volatility to make money.

When you register TODAY, you’ll receive …
  • 90 Days of FULL Volatility Edge Trading System Access
  • ​MINIMUM of One Weekly Volatility Trade
  • ​DAILY Option Pit VIX Light Updates and Pro-Level Commentary
  • Access to CUSTOM volatility courses, created just for Volatility Edge members
  • ​​Admission to Mark’s LIVE weekly broadcast each Monday (or a video recording if you can’t make it!)
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*Renews quarterly for the discounted rate of $399.
You will make your money back very fast with this."
— Michael G
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