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Join The Webinar With Mark Sebastian

CEO of OptionPit

Featuring: Frank Gregory

D.C. turned Wall Street Insider

Dec. 5th @ 12:00PM

12:00 PM est  - 1:00 PM pst
Live Online Event
How To Hedge Election Chaos And Make BIG GAINS
You can use these techniques to Know the exact constitutional way Trump can win, Discover the "invisible" vol that is hiding in the market(its right under your nose), and even have the exact trade you need protect your retirement!
  • On this webinar webinar we'll cover how to know which way the market will explode to with an election surprise.
  • Heck, we even show you How to trade "invisible" vol!
Extremely Limited Spots - Grab your spot now!
What You Will Learn On This Webinar...
Our Special Guest Will Cover A Market Scenario NO ONE is Seeing...
  • The market-to-D.C. connection no one dares talk about.
  • Its not about the President...It's about this one specific group to watch
  • Plus Much More...
  • Warning - Can and How Trump can still win.
  • "Stolen" - is the nice view of market perception
  • The only sectors you need to care about to make HUGE money from
  • This Constitutional loophole means the old playbook is out the window
  • The most important "relinquish" thats NOT the President
  • Know exactly what to do no matter who steps into the oval office in January...

Dec 5th @ 12:00PM

12:00 PM est  - 1:00 PM pst
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