The Option Pit Team gathered on Jan. 13 for the first-ever TradeFest, a full day of mentoring and live trading.

Among the highlights were some of of our best trades for year (and they're still actionable):
  • PRO: Bot BIIB Feb18 240/220 strangles for 13.00
  • Trading Legion: Bot 2 NVDA Jan28 270/250/230 put flies for 4.65 Buy 1 NVDA Jan28 300 calls for 2.04
  • Capitol Gains: Buy 1 XOM Feb04 70 call sell 1 XOM Jan21 72.5 calls for 1.80

Licia Leslie

  •  At least 2 OPTION SHOPPER TRADES each week (Retail: $4,000)
  •  -- Inexpensive, short hold times, explosive profits
  •  -- Delivered via email and sms -- includes trade plan (entry/exit)
  •  ​LIVE Weekly “Shopping Sprees” and Q&As each Tuesday
     (Retail: $3,500)
  •  ​EXCLUSIVE: Candlestick and Options Education Video Series   (Retail: $2,499)
  •  ​BONUS 1: The Profit Candelabra Guide 
  •  ​BONUS 2: Gamma 1-2-3 Kick Off Guide (Retail: $997)

Mark Sebastian

  • 1-2 Optimized Big Money Trades Each Week ($3,500 value)
  • ​2X Weekly LIVE Trading Sessions: The Big Money Flow Show ($25,000 value)​*Based on Mark's actual consulting fee
  • ​Daily Big Money Flow Top 5 & Trade Discussion Email ($1,999 value)
  • ​24/7 Access to the Option Pit Members-Only Website ($799 value)
  • ​BONUS 1: Custom Big Money Flow Video Education Series ($3,999 value)
  • ​BONUS 2: Using Vol to Trade for Direction Video Course ($1,299 value)

Frank Gregory &
Andrew Giovinazzi

  • ​1 Weekly Trade (at minimum). Includes video and trade report. Delivered via text and email. ($3,999/yr)
  • ​Weekly Live Strategy Sessions with Frank and Andrew. ($4,999/yr)
  • ​Weekly Written Portfolio Updates ($300/yr)
  • ​​Quarterly "State of the Fund" Conference Call ($799/yr)
  • ​BONUS: Access to the all-new Capitol Gains Video Library ($4,500 value)

Bill Griffo

  •  At Least Two EXCLUSIVE Power Income Trader trades per week ($3,500 value)
  • ​ EXCLUSIVE access to the Power Income Fed Policy Gauge ($4,999 value)
  • ​ Power Income Trader Watchlist Update WEEKLY ($1,999 value)
  • ​ LIVE Access to Griff's weekly Macro Monday event. He breakdowns the macro market drivers and Fed-driven profit flows, and answers all your questions ($3,999)
  • ​ LIVE and recorded trade risk management sessions ($4,999)
  • ​ BONUS 1 : Trading Bond ETFs to Beat the Banks & Inflation (e-book) ($399)
  • ​ BONUS 2 : How to Crush It During the 2022 Energy Crisis (e-book) ($399)

Andrew Giovinazzi

  • 1 ADVANCED option trade each week. Plus ALL the information you need to make the trade your own. Includes alerts and adjustments. (Value = $2,997/yr.)
  • A weekly LIVE group class at 11 a.m. on Wednesdays led by OP Director of Education Andrew Giovinazzi. (Recorded if you can’t make it.) (Value = $4,999/yr.)
  • UNLIMITED access to twice-monthly small group sessions. Every other Tuesday at 4 p.m. EST join Andrew and fellow students to drill deep into trades during interactive, hot mic sessions. (Value = $3,500/yr.)
  • ​​FULL ACCESS to one year of the Big Money Flow program. Includes 1-2 trades each week based on massive market flows, live sessions and a daily Top-5 Big Money Flow list. (Value = $1,497/yr.)
  • ​BONUS: Custom Professional Options Trading Course - loaded with my secret tricks! (Value = $2,997)
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